Wedding Blankets: My Go-To Stitch

One stitch pattern in particular has become my go-to, my buddy, my best friend and it's the wavy chevron. It's classic ripple stitch goodness that works with just about all yarns no matter what the weight or texture. So far I've worked this pattern using Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Totally Tubular, Feels Like Butta with Mandala Roving, Feels Like Butta with Winter Nights (on one I also added stripes of Go For Faux to this combination), Touch of Alpaca with Winter Nights, Turnstyles, and We Are Knitters The Petite Wool. Some I striped and some I worked straight through. And all of them I love.

The exact size of each blanket varies a bit depending on the yarn, but for the most part I'm sticking close to 40" x 45". Some are bigger as I try and use up the yarn and not be left with a random half skein.

Lots of people will be walking away from the wedding with unique versions of the same stitch. After a while of working the same pattern you don't need to count. You can see where the decrease needs to go. (The increase is always obvious thanks to the chain space.)

The "Pattern"

multiple of 14 + 4 stitches

Depending on the size of your yarn and hook you will begin with a different number of chain stitches as follows:

  • If using a 15mm hook: chain 60
  • If using a 10mm hook: chain 74 
  • If using a 9mm hook: chain 88

Foundation Row: double crochet (dc) in the 4th chain (ch) from hook, *dc in the next 5 ch, dc3tog over the next 3 ch, dc in the next 5 ch, (dc, ch 2, dc) in the next ch; rep from * ending the last rep with 2 dc in the last st

Pattern Row: ch 3, dc in the same st, *dc in the next 5 sts, dc3tog over the next 3 sts, dc in the next 5 sts, (dc, ch 2, dc) in the next ch space; rep from * to end of row ending the last rep with 2 dc in the last st

Continue Pattern Row until blanket reaches desired length alternating colors if desired.

How easy is that?!

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