New Year, New Projects

Hello all! Welcome to the 1 More Row blog, the place to be for updates on FREE patterns, current WIPs, yarn deals, and other other behind the scenes tidbits there are to share.

First, an introduction. My name is Erica, but you might know me better as Fiddle Knits (@FiddleKnitsDesigns on Instagram), the name I've been designing under for the past 10+ years. Recently I started wanting to explore a series of free patterns that were achievable and less complex than the intricate cables and lace I tended toward for Fiddle Knits Designs (although I will still be working on these things as well because this lady loves cables!). This concept grew into 1 More Row Designs, simply addicting patterns for the modern maker. And here we are!

I talked about a collection of free patterns for so long that my soon-to-be husband, Rick, started getting into the idea as well. 1 More Row is a project we're both stepping into this year. Him on more of the marketing and business end and me doing what I love to do most, design!

As time passes maybe I'll coax him to make an appearance. He does know how to knit and likes to grab my projects from me and work a few rounds so he can truthfully tell everyone he helped.

Cheers to the new year, new projects, and good things to come!

Belle Terre free knit scarf pattern

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